Mental Accounting vs Hedonic Editing

What is the primary difference? I know they both deal with the frame dependence of how we segregate our money, but they both seem to deal with the same point. Can anyone explain?

Just googled this abstract. Makes a great explanation. “A frame is a description. Frame dependence means that people make decisions that are influenced by the manner in which the information is presented. Frame dependence manifests itself in the way that people form attitudes towards gains and losses. Many people make one decision if a problem is framed in terms of losses, but behave differently if the same problem is framed in terms of gains. An important reason for this behavior is loss aversion. Hedonic editing is the practice of choosing frames that are attractive relative to other frames. People with self-control problems often use hedonic editing to help them deal with those problems. There is evidence that some investors use dividends in this way. Money illusion, the failure to factor in inflation or deflation correctly, provides another illustration of a framing issue.” Regards, Miha

Could you give me an example of either one?