Mental Math

Does anyone have a knack for crunching numbers in their head? I feel that I was never taught mental math in school and instead calculated math problems using a pen and pad and then of course using a calculator.

Im pretty good, and im sorry to admit its probably because my parents forced me to do Kumon math as a kid.

only way to get good is to practice. As nerdy as it sounds, I got good as an undergrad preppingfor trading interviews. whenever I got bored in class I either tried to see how fast I could figure out every square to 20, or just thought of two random numbers in my head and multiplied them as quickly as possible. Practice makes perfect… my method is using the nearest ten, and then adding or subtracting accordingly (i.e. 16*18=16*20-16*2=320-32=288), but find something that works for you. If you really want to challenge yourself, start counting the seconds and timing yourself in your head, but that can get pretty tough.

get a nintendo ds and play that brain age game or whatever its called. it makes you think quick and sharpens your skills…it has all different types of games too, not just math specific

Or get the book “Secrets of Mental Math” and learn the tricks and kick anyones butt at this

Thanks Joey. Once again you prove to be this board’s ‘Jack of all trades, master of all.’

Thanks Joey, I purchased the book from Amazon right away!!

I use the same method as ahahah, as a kid the teacher praised my memorisation of the timestables but my mother told the teacher that I didn’t know them. She told her to ask how I figured them out, and it is basically what ahahah does. Of course I think most people woud use this method? The teacher conlcuded by saying that whatever I was doing was working as I was the fastest in the class. Of course now in my thirties I feel me Mhz are slowing

Here is a webpage I found which has some neat tricks.

Cool site…

Hi guys you can check out that one too, it is regarded as one of the best in field Speed Mathematics, Secret Skills for Quick Calculation. ISBN : 0-471-46731-6. Bill Handley you can find it on amazon as well