Merkel vs. Sarkozy

Is it me or do a lot of photos taken of Merkel and Sarkozy make them appear to be rivals?

Merkel always looks like she is pissed off while Sarkozy seems apologetic.

You think if Merkel got laid this whole crisis will end faster?

Are you suggesting she get Merkozy with Silvio?

the world would be a better place if more ppl got laid. notice how a lot of regulator/government women are nasty looking…they’re trying to make up for not being hot…the first man to step up and take merkel out on a date would do the euro zone a great favour.

Why do I always have to step in and fix stuff? It’s just not fair.

imagine her in some lingerie and high heels and a sexy corset…see, she is a hot classy babe now isn’t she?

When I was teaching, these hot coeds would come into my office sometimes dressed in inappropriate outfits and I would have to force myself to concentrate on math. I used to think about Margaret Thatcher dressed that way and it would get me straight to thinking about more interesting math. I also think that Merkel would be more the dominatrix type.

JDV…why were they dressed inappropriately and why did you change your concentration. take care of business at hand. perhaps i should i change my career so i can get some of that inappropriateness. damm, i’m jealous.

I do think that universities have been coeducational long enough that “coed” is a silly word to use to mean “female college student.” Nowadays, they’re just students, and yes, some of them are sexy and like to dress that way, appropriate or not. That’s not intended as a jab. I just think “coed” is a throwback to the 1960s, when the idea of educating women along with men in universities was considered avant-guarde. I don’t feel that ancient yet, and I don’t think anyone else here is either (even if some of us are arguably close). And students definitely dress provocatively if they think it can tip the power balance in their favor. I often noticed that the female students came in a little more dressed up when they wanted me to push their grade up on something. Often on the first day of class, I will notice who is attractive in my class, but whatever interest there is usually evaporates pretty fast when I realize how much work it’s going to be to get them up to speed on a variety of topics. For me, that is a happy quirk of mine that makes it far easier to be fair and balanced on things, and has probably saved me from entertaining any compromising situations. And yeah, Merkel is probably more the dominatrix type too. It’s Sarkosy that one can imagine in a feather boa.

“Merkel is probably more the dominatrix type too. It’s Sarkosy that one can imagine in a feather boa.” +1

dominatrix or not, somebody needs to give this women some time of day. JDV…we salute you.