Merry Christmas

needhelp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > surely you guys meant happy holidays, right? i > mean you did attend the diversity training that HR > conducted within 3 months of your hire date, > right? Ahhh… there’s nothing like good ol’ political correctness.

Best wishes for a happy (Holidays|(Christ|X|Winter-een-)mas|(Ch|H)ann?ukk?ah|Kwa(nza|anz)a|New Year’s (Eve|Day)|(Boxing|Zamenhof) Day|Yule(tide)?|Winter(val|s Day|fair)|Festiv(us|al of the Bells)).

MattLikesAnalysis Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Willy’s just upset because my gift to him involved > me, his sister, mother and some toys I found in > his @$$. I thought it was because he did not get the “birmingham booty call” he wanted performed on him for Xmas.