Merry Xmas CFAvsMBA

Meh, pretty chopped and screwed.

In other news, I’m not a fan of ‘X-mas.’ Why must we axe religion out of our daily interactions? The time of year is Christmas for those who celebrate the birth of Christ. For those who do not, fantastic! That doesn’t change the time of year.

CBS recently labeled Christmas Trees as ‘Holiday Trees’ in order to not be offensive. I call them like they are, Christmas Trees.

This straight up seggregation of chruch and state needs to stop!

Amen to that brother. Plus “Happy Holidays” is so cold compared to “Merry Christmas”, and I’m not pushing any religion I don’t even subscribe to when I say it.

Sometimes I like to wish people a “happy personal saviour birthday.” Everyone should get to have a personal savior. For a lot a people, it’s the big J.C.!

By the way, Happy Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice for you southern hemisphere folk).

I’m greatly offended by Happy New Year. For all they know I’m part Asian which has a drastically different calendar than the WASPY US.

Chinese Jews (yes there are some) get to celebrate New Years’ at least three times every year (Gregorian, Chinese, Jewish). That’s a lot of resolutions to make! Fortunately, we Jews are always feeling guilty about something, so it helps to spread out the pain. :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays covers Christmas and New Year’s Eve in one shot. I favor efficiency.

X-mas is well accepted abbreviation for Christmas, the point is not to “X out Christ”, but I can’t tell if you were joking or being serious. X stands for the letter chi+rho or “chr” in Greek.

santa in da house

Ha, during business school I shared a house with three or four classmates, all from different countries. We celebrated each country’s festivity, and yeah more than one New Years’.

I never knew that. I figured it was propogandas way of removing Christ from Christmas.

ya, just finished listening. It’s a poor tape. Cooking Soul has some other good ones, if you have time to pour through all their shitty tapes featuring random spaniards.

Interesting so Xstring would be a chr string. I’ll update my coding style appropriately. :slight_smile:

(I did know that X was supposed to refer to the Christ in Christmas, but it was always a little unclear about how that was supposed to work. I often thought it a bit morbid that one would start reminding Him about crosses on His birthday)

Actually the “X” was put there by Christians way back in the day - we’re talking 300 AD or so - to avoid persecution at the hands of anti-religious folks. So next time someone cries about the “X” being there as an insult to Christ, punch them in their labia.

Nothing like a good genital punch to resolve issues like this.