Message for dongjohnson

Hey, I saw you replied on an older thread. How are you? Good to ‘hear’ from you. I can’t put my hands on the e-mails of that nice crew I met at the BSAS last year. Have you heard from the other ones? I count on you to give me some good tips for this year!

Are you also still in touch with the other ones in the group that met at the BSAS exam (grexan, Iwonapass… etc?). There was also that cool friend of yours (the actuarian guy). I wish I had not lost all these e-mails… Anyway, hit me back if you read this.

Hey Crablegs! I just saw your message. I’m still in touch periodically with iwonapass but I haven’t heard from grexan this year. Anyway, I found the old email string we had from a couple years ago so I’ll write you when I have a chance. Glad you’re here with us and let’s beat this thing once and for all this time!