Message from my relator

subject in email: This is as good as it will get “Inventory of homes for sale is starting to shrink Rates are now at a low of 5.75% today as a result of the Fannie Mae announcement Average home price SOLD in Chicago is starting to go up again Buyers are actively pursuing the best home values This is now the best time to buy. If you wait to see what happens next it will not be good news for the buyers.” -I believe I got a similar email this time last year I wonder if relators how much different the housing market would be if relator’s had to abide by the ethical standards of the CFA test and not guarantee results. Any thoughts?

He’s having a laugh

Real estate agents do not have a fiduciary duty. Realtors are suppose to have a fiduciary duty. However after listening to Freakonomics I think both are just salesmen at heart.

What is the technical difference between a real estate agent and realtor?

good ? For the most part both = scumbags

I got a similar email from a realtor acquaitance. It would be nice if realtors industrywide abided by some kind of code of ethics. When I first started looking I went to a couple of open houses and the sellers agents tried to tell me not to bring in my own agent. One told me all my realtor would do is tell me “yep, its a nice place.” Another told me that if I didn’t bring an agent “we could all save a lot of money.” I can’t remember the last time when I have been so tempted to bust open someone’s lip.

Realtor’s are suppose to follow a code of ethics and maintain a fiduciary duty. But deep down I think they are just like Real Estate Agents who are focused on their GDC (commission) and will sell you anything to get that paycheck.

johnnyblazini Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What is the technical difference between a real > estate agent and realtor? Lipstick!