Metals/Mining/Energy Primer

Anybody know of good websites or books that give a nice solid introduction to the respective sectors for financial analysis purposes? I’m reading some research reports on companies in the sectors and find a lot of it undecipherable.

wall st prep has a bunch of materials on doing valuations / analysis on the “oil & gas” industry… but even within oil & gas, there are many idiosyncracies (NGL, gas, etc.) use google scholar google itself should be good enough no?

i already searched google and all the search engines. you definitely find a lot about geology and related material, but I was looking for something specifically on financial research and the metals and mining industry. I have the WSP, but that wasn’t too much help in terms of priming me for understanding the research reports fully. there is 1 book i found but nobody gave reviews on it on Amazon. Just wondering if there were any energy, metals and mining analyst here that can give me some direction. Its hard really to study the TSX markets without coming upon some mining stocks. ? Don’t know if it’ll have info on specific companies though, which is what I think you’re looking for.

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Unless you have access to sell side primers…that isn’t much else that talks about those subjects from a financial perspective

hey Frank, send me an email at

Frank; google “the northern miner”. they publish a great guide to mining & energy basics. having had zero mining backgorund, it was where i started (i think its $30 or so)

thx for the info

what exactly are you finding tough to decipher?

the differences in ton, tonne and wonton.

Jeff S, I want to find out firstly a bit more about how mining companies operate and the economic climate. Given that a lot are in exploration, perhaps the industry cycles. The different types of products they offer. Certain trends and sector specific attributes that are unique. of course, as said by the illustrious bill west AKA Mr. I got that Work, the differences in tons, BPS, and measurement scales. Yes i know they’re elementary and a lot I can get on google.

why not just chat up your clients who call in to sell their kinross or goldcorp and ask them how the industry works? maybe you can be the next jerome.

billwest, why don’t you just ask one of your Research Analyst to help me out as a deed of goodwill to the poor? after all, with all of your money, your should be moving towards helping those less fortunate.

sure but they’d just give you one of their research reports - i thought you were having difficulties reading them?

i guess that is not much help then.

btw, if i can get access to the research papers at your firm, that would be greatly appreciated.