I’m keen to learn more about metals, i am a complete novice when it comes to commodities.

Could anyone reccomend websites/books that are a good introduction?

Lets add the oil & gas sector that request… I learn a lot at my job regarding the service side, but I’d like to learn the whole industry.

I’m also interested in metals and commodities, particularly iron ore,steel and coal if anyone has some good info they’d like to share.

Industrial metals or the shiny ones? Can’t help you with the former.

More interested in industrial, but the OP probably means shiny.


Othwrwise start with DJ AIG or the GSCI. Good place to start.

I’m talking about all metals - not just shiney ones. Looking for a book, a dummies guide.

I’ll tell you a bit

Metals prices have risen magnificently over the past decade along with oil prices. The high oil prices will most likely stay, since the demand/supply is quite tight, but this is not the case for metals. The market prices for several metals companies implies a sharp drop in prices on account of a Chinese slowdown, a European possible recession, etc.

Um, I think we were both looking for something a little more thorough than general opinions. The role of various indices, key indicators, drivers, etc.

Check out and/or The London Metal Exchange (LME) is where a lot of metals are traded and has some good information. They also provide educational seminars all over the world if you’re willing to pay. But both of those are decent free sites. I work on a commodities hedging desk and I look at those every day along with all the information we have access to on Bloomberg.

What are some of the key screens / functions / indexes you use on bloomberg (and what are the BB tickers)? If you don’t mind.