Method of Communication

How do we find out our results? By mail, online, phone??? Obviously it’s not by phone, but still. I’m so sorry if this is redundant and if it is, just tell me. I don’t really need a lecture. :stuck_out_tongue:

Through email.

thanks! with my luck, i’ll be at work and not able to check my home e-mail. so i won’t know. sigh.

Just stop by this forum mid January. As soon as the results are out - you’ll KNOW.

cfaboston28 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Through email. Actually, to clarify: results are only released via logging into the CFAI website. Within a few days of the results becoming available, you’ll also receive an e-mail from CFAI announcing the availability and providing a link to login to their website. This e-mail does not contain your actual results. And as Shark said, you’ll find out almost instantly when they’re available by watching this forum, as participants often post their PASS/FAIL results. As mid-January approaches, inevitably some jackasses in the forum will post “results are out!” threads that aren’t true, subsequently having their AF accounts banned (thankfully).