Methodical Vs Individualist Investors

Is there a easy way to tell the difference? I have seen questions on this in previous exams but I don’t get them right.

individualist investors have higher risk tolerance

volkovv Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > individualist investors have higher risk tolerance Also, if I remember this correctly, methodical investors will just stick to original decision once it’s been made. - sticky

Methodical is more Risk Averse (Less Risk) and bases their decisions on facts so they rely on history and databases to make decisions and tend to be disciplined and conservative in their investments. Individualist is Less Risk Averse (More Risk) and they are self-confident and use a wide variety of sources to base their decisions, confident they will be successful in the long run. Both Base their decisions on Thinking vs. Feelings

Can entrepreneurs be classified as individualist?

I would say so…

Risk aversage: Cautios, Methodical Risk tolerant: Individualistic, Spontaneous Do their due dilligence (act on value): Methodical, Indiviudalist Act on their feelings: Cautios Spontaneous

Good break down CSK I also found it helpful to remember the order Cautious, Methodical, Individualistic, Spontaneous Risk Adverse Risk Tolerant “Outside feelings”

IF they start singing, “I’m Hooked on a Feeling” then they are either Cautious or Spontaneous

Rational Feeling -------------------------------------------------------- Methodical Cautious Indiv Spontaneous Risk aversion on the horizontal axis pointing upwards i.e. more risk averse as you climb the Y-axis

I couldn’t remember these and figured that I just need to remember that I have a (risk) aversion to METH . . . odical.

methodical - risk averse individualistic - risk tolerant AFAIK

to add methodical - risk averse (uses thinking) individualistic - risk tolerant (uses thinking) cautious - risk averse (uses feelings) spontaneous - risk tolerant (uses feelings) MICS is an achronym to remember them in order from left to right