Mexican equiv of Ferguson, MO?

I don’t consider someone to be unarmed when he’s throwing rocks. Imagine if a grown man throw a tennis-ball sized rock and it hit your head.

Ehh but man, you gotta know Pasco so you can put this in context. I realize probably no one here besides me has ever been to Pasco but take my word that it’s a dump and this is not at all surprising.

More importantly, if you are doing stupid stuff, all bets are off. Don’t throw rocks at cars and then start throwing rocks at the police when they try to stop you. It is known.

Lastly, if the police stun gun you, have the common courtesy to at least pretend to be stunned. Don’t be dumb.

This was a big news story – over two weeks ago.

^ lol

So David can slay Goliath with a rock but this guy is no real threat to anyone and this was an excessive use of force?

Either y’all racist down there, or not everything in the good book is true

I saw the video a couple of weeks ago. The dude ran out of rocks, started running, realized he wasn’t going to get away, turned around to surrender, and they shot him. Granted, I would like to shoot someone who had been throwing rocks at me 15 seconds earlier, but I’m not a cop who is supposed to have training to deal with situations like this. Of the three most prominent recent incidents (this one, Big Mike, and the choke hold guy in NY), I think only the Big Mike shooting is justified.