Mexico wants to send criminal kingpin to US asap

From CNN El chapo (criminal kingpin) apparently wants to be sent immediately to the US. His demands include: a medium security prison in the US, not be placed in solitary, and seeing his family/Lawyers as he wants. Mexican govt president also is trying hard to “make the extradition of this highly dangerous criminal happen as soon as possible” … Hear that my fellow citizens? We get to pay for his costs, security, shelter, and healthcare. Didn’t he break out of a maximum security prison? And letting him speak to family is how criminals run their empire isn’t it?

You’re a few weeks late. But I have no problem if your taxes are raised to pay for Chapo’s lodging.

Oh right. You must be part for the 47% that doesn’t pay taxes

There will be no deal. Chapo is going to US supermax, which I’m perfectly fine with given the social costs on the US the instability in Mexico has wrought.

Some other POS will just take his place, so won’t make a difference. Would be nice if he had an unfortunate accident before he’s moved.

While I have no problem locking him up in a supermax, as I have zero confidence in Mexicos ability to hold him, there will just be another person just like him to take his place. As long as the “war on drugs” exists, there will always be some kid raised in poverty who doesn’t exactly care about our society & its rules.

Also am fine with my taxes paying for it, as I am sure he is responsible for some American deaths in Mexico one way or another.

  1. He is going to a US supermax. So he will not get out.

  2. The violence and hold of the cartels has significantly weakened in Mexico over the past 5 years after peaking around 2010. This is largely due to Mexico getting their own house in order and getting the federal government free of the grip of the mob bosses. I actually have no doubt things will dramatically improve going forward. The mood has changed where the populace has had enough and the kingpins (besides Chapo) have all fallen in the past three years. It’s not all that different from the fall of the mob in the US. It only lasts until the people decide they’ve had enough. I mean, sure there will be flow of drugs, but the open violence of the cartels will come to an end as intimidation strategies have begun to backfire. El Chapo simply serves as a message to cartels to keep a low profile or suffer the same fate.

Send him to Gitmo, squeeze him to get to all the money he has stashed. Use that to go after the rest of the gang.

No way Mexico will extradite him. Mexico resents the US way too much and Chapo is still a folk hero in some quarters.

That’s what he says. We’ll see if it happens.

Hmmmm, Palantir or Nieto and the Mexican Attorney General? Who to believe… who to believe…

I’m not saying you can’t be right (although I disagree), I think I just latched onto the “No chance” a little.


Think about what kind of an embarassment this is for Mr Nieto’s government. They can’t keep their most wanted man in jail and need to hand him over to the big brother up north?

Meh, not really.

Palantir’s “no chance” may occur as by as early as February.

If anyone here is a Mexican ex convict, please feel free to add to the discussion, but my understanding is that Mexican prisons are more or less ruled by the gangs (kind of like the country in general), and the syndicate bosses live in sort of luxury quarters, separate from the general population. It would make sense then for Mexico to extradite the leaders and decentralize their issues in managing the facilities.

All information since the most recent incarceration shows El Chapo almost entirely solitary confinement and being moved frequently. His video of his escaped cell last time was far from luxury and he has been complaining about brutal treatment and even torture.

Best contrarian indicator…