[MFE Admissions] Undergraduate GPA vs. Work Experience vs. GRE

Could you guys rank the importance of GPA, Work Experience, and GRE scores if one wants to get into MFE program?

Math/CompSci courses with A’s > GPA > GRE > Work Experience.

Most MFE students have less than 2y of experience, so I would say that is not at all important. Unless you’re from IIT Mumbai you need to work on your Epenis though.

Even though you’re heading the Wharton MBA track, I’ve noticed you’re quite knowledgeable on the admin requirement/specs of MFE programs. Were you ever considering that route?

Yes, I was considering MFE out of undergrad. Top choices were Columbia MFE, Berkeley MFE, MIT MFin, and NYU Math Finance…in that order. I was pretty active on quantnet for a while. Took all my required math courses, dominated GRE math, and did research with a quant finance professor. Ended up getting a job and never got around to applying. I also felt my programming background was lacking compared to other applicants.

Sounds like you did everything necessary to be competitive for those program. When you did finally decide to do a grad program, why the switch to MBA? I think I remember seeing in another thread that you “…wanted to do something different,” or something to that effect. Just curious to learn more about your rationale.

^I work in private equity…MBA just seemed more logical than thinking about an MFE again.

how common are MBAs in PE?

Is that a serious questions?..Very common.

When does your program start by the way?

Ramos curious to hear as I dont know too much about the PE/MBA scene. Whats the long term benefit of an MBA if you are in PE? Looking to shift out? I know 2 guys that went IB -> PE without getting an MBA and they dont plan on going for one as they already got where they want to be.


It’s highly dependent on the firm. Many ppl who go IB --> PE go to MBA at some point and then go back to PE, either to their old shops or new ones. Generally, if you want to go MD or be a partner one day, you will likely need an MBA. Some people do it without, but at some point the firm may even ask you or tell you. It’s like an unwritten rule. I’ve seen people who made it far and then when it came time for the MD promotion, the firm suggests MBA, probably an EMBA at that point. I think it’s mainly because at that stage your meeting with clients regularly and when they see your bio they will want to see an MBA usually.

I don’t think that is important. I’ve taken GRE twice, but the score is not that high. Still, I got into the MFE program.

I know what are you talking about, I’m not a great test-taker either. The reason why you couldn’t get a higher score isn’t because of your skills. These standardized tests are generally challenging. I had taken it twice before I decided to change my approach to it. I think it is better to understand its strategy rather than revising all the required material. I took some really efficient prep courses. You know, nothing compares with a training program guided by a teacher. You can click here to reach out their page. They are huge professionals and this course is well worth investment. Good luck!