Is this a right path to asset management?

Yes, according to the bestselling book “The right path to asset management”

You are joking aren’t you? If so, Please show some mercy, I really want to know the answer. :slight_smile:

im doing it… im doing CFA first… maybe till level 2… then start applying for my MFE… Anyone know hows the MFE at berkeley stand against the ivys?

Yes I was joking. I think it really depends on the kind of buy-side shop. Some recruit investment bankers, some look for people with industry knowledge such as equity research folk, etc… Clearly there is no set formula. Take a look at some website of asset manager you would like to join and look at the bio’s of the portfolio managers. You will see there is no set way to get there and they have all come from different paths.

Berkeley MFEs are very highly regarded among several BB banks I know or have worked for.

DarienHacker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Berkeley MFEs are very highly regarded among > several BB banks I know or have worked for. I would agree. Berkeley, UMich, Cornell, MIT, Columbia, Princeton, UChicago are top programs that come to mind. Most of the alumni I know of do an array of jobs, from risk management at Insurance companies, to quants at Goldman, IT at CSFB, risk mgmt/quant at HF, Option traders. I would say ER & Corp IB, MFE may not be the right path but you could certainly interview for those type of positions.

DarienHacker, Do you mind giving me the list of BB firms you mentioned? Thanks,

how smart do i have to be to make it to the Berkeley MFE? My brother got in and i dont think he’s all that smarter than me…

I’m interested maybe in London Business School’s Masters in Finance program, that or GSB. Anyone have any thought’s on LBS’ program and/or the rigoursness of the entrance requiremnts.

I’ve looked into Berkeley too and it looks quite competitive… about a 20% or so admission rate with high GPAs and GMATs… I don’t know anyone who is gone though. Looks like a strong program.

CFA_Halifax, this program is very good, and you have to consider LBS is number one in Europe. However, if you are in US, probably will not recommend.

I am currently doing a Masters in Finance and Investment and studying towards my CFA charter. I work in financial services and im hoping this combination can lead me to Asset/Fund Manager…

gino, thanks for the info. I am in Canada, but would really like to work in the City for awhile so I could travel Europe.