Mfin after CFA

Would anyone that has obtained a charter see sense in doing an Mfin from a top world university after? Say Cambridge / Oxford (UK)

In terms of material, it shouldn’t be difficult to grasp after going through the charter. In fact I would expect to mostly fly through the syllabus if its most regurgitation of 2 & 3. I would be more interested for having a top level school on my resume. MBA would be ideal but the price is a major road block as well as doing the pesky GMAT exams. CFA completion usually exempts GMATS for the schools im looking for.

Interested to hear thoughts


I am currently pursuing my MFIN (it is a 10 month program), and I am studying CFA with it. What I really enjoy about the MFIN program is the following:

  1. Interaction with experienced professionals
  2. Cases, projects, and real life application of the material
  3. Advanced quantitative methodologies and softwares used to create statistical inference (such as using Eviews to calculate the CAPM of a stock)

So what these have in common is you are given the chance to create actual output in the program, and I really do enjoy that. So I do not see them as being mutually exclusive, in fact, they complement one another.

Yes and no.

It depends completely on the school you are doing the MFin from. The idea of most top grad schools programs is that you will learn more from your peers than from your cirriculum. Best to look at the class profile to assess the caliber of your peers. If everyone has book knowledge but not much experience then you won’t benefit much in terms of knowledge.

What you’ll benefit most from are:

1- University branding, it will help with career prospects and recruiting.

2- real world experience and practical aspects of the finance world not taught in a set of textbooks

I’m pretty much in the situation you’re describing although I don’t start my program until next November. Zubbo hit the nail on the head as far as what I expect to get out of the program - networking opportunities and learning from others