after passing all 3 levels , will u consider taking a mfin?

If I’m not where I want to be by then, yes. Either that or a full time MBA. I think in this market school seems like the best way to re-position yourself.

was considering an executive MBA but If I cant do it with a CFA CFP and the experience I already have, an MBA will not be the difference maker

Already got a masters in investement management. Sometimes I wonder why I continue to torture myself with the CFA chase. Then I remember back when I was out of work and certain people would not look at my resume without it.

as my name implies, I’ve already got my MFin…in my opinion, it’s a great degree to have PRIOR to the CFA exams since it makes the exams much easier…it’s all repeat to me i would recommend doing an MBA if you’ve passed the CFA exams…alot more value added considering MBA gives you much better general management skills and is probably a better help for job placements… employers would probably look at CFA and MFin are very similar…especially compared to MBA