Microsoft getting desperate?

Banner ad on top of

old news bro

That site is super sketchy. Although it is probably real, I’m having a hard time convincing myself that this is made by Microsoft. Of course, if they’re targeting people who visit, maybe this is the appropriate approach…

I didn’t realize was even a website anymore. i just kind of assumed that it disappeared into obsucurity like AOL is my homepage.

I had a finance professor who used MSN for finance stuff. I guess once you get used to one format, you won’t switch. His class is the only time in my life I’ve used that website

This is real, I have seen the TV commercials…

Basically when you choose this type of marketing campaign you admit you cannot beat your competitor so you attack them.

Off the top of my head ad coverage on Google is 90%+. On Yahoo and Bing it is a fraction of that. Google isn’t going anywhere and the marketing exec who OK’d this campaign should be terminated.