Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Looks sexy…I was thinking the 128GB, 4GB (storage, ram) version for $999. Anyone think the 256GB, 8GB (storage, ram) version for $1299 is worth the extra $300? I think the $1799 version which has 512GB of storage and 8GB of ram is overpriced.

There’s a 15% excise tax on tablets in MA.

20% if you take it home in your car.

What in the world would you need 512G of storage on a tablet for? I guess if you really want to take 10,000 songs and 100 hi-def movies around with you everywhere you go…

^ I suspect that the tablet becomes your home computer at that point.

You’re not gonna be doing any gaming or hardcore excel on a tablet, so ram isn’t a huge deal. And you only need enough storage space to hold apps (generally fairly small in size) and your media collection. Should tell you what you need right there.

i was thinking of a surface pro 1 or 2… how much memory does windows 8 and microsoft excel 2013 take up?

I’m sick to death of my iPad. Been thinking about a surface for months. :popcorn: can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Surface Pro is really more of a MacBook Air competitor rather than ipad so you really do need the RAM, as well as the Excel capability.

I think the best bet is the 8gb, 256gb, as I think that 4gb is pretty light for more heavy duty stuff.

^I’ve been leaning towards the 8gb, 256gb because I’m considering replacing my personal laptop with it now. They’re coming out with a docking station for it in 2014 too…sexy.

The surface pro is a full computer in tablet form…surface RT is more of a tablet in the traditional sense. So hardcore excelling would be in the mix for surface pro.