Mid-Career Status

I was just wondering how the mid-career folks on AF are doing in terms of career path.

Are you satisfied with 1)pay, 2)what you’re doing, and 3)future prospects? Any and all input is welcome but hoping to hear from buy-side analysts. State your current role, years of experience, and please elaborate on your answers. Cheers.

the world needs ditch diggers too

Are you having a life crisis?

we need more plumbers.

futures looking great and it’s only getting better.

What is the definition of mid-career?

I’m 2 years in, and plan to sell my app in the spring for $5B.

So a little past mid, but hopefully it helps.

What happened to that crab rangoon guy?

Am I having a life crisis? Umm, good question. Maybe.

Mid-Career definition – I’m not sure exactly but was thinking 4-7 years of experience.

Ditch diggers are great - plumbers, not so much. We definitely need more plumbers because their rates are astronomical.

Below is the format I was hoping the answers would come in. But maybe it’s more info than what people are willing to give.

buy-side analyst, 6 years of experience.

  1. No – I think I’m about 20% underpaid. How do I know? Making it deep into the interview process for a couple positions with a stated minimum that’s 20% more than what I’m making now.
  2. Yes – I wish it was a tad more on the quant side but can’t complain.
  3. Not sure. I don’t think I’m management material. I just hope to get better at what I’m doing but make more $$ as time progresses.

IMO 4-7 years is still early career but maybe that’s just me. I think of mid-career as ~45. Finance can be a different animal but 4-7 years is barely on the map for most careers.

I think 5-7 years is sort of mid career. I am not like you guys who love finance and want to do it forever. Before 14 years, I hope to do what I need to do and get out of here.

you don’t have the charter so i’m not surprised you’re underpaid. i think you should expect your comp to go up 75-100% the day you get the tube in the mail.

everyone feels underpaid and i’m sure everyone can find another place that would pay them more. i’d concentrate on what you’re learning in your role and future prospects within the company.

75-100% huh?

that’s bold. and incorrect.

Damn. I was thinking mid career would be 10 years of experience. I almost fit into that range at the low end. Now I feel old at 25.

Pretty sure that 75-100% comment was sarcasm as it is so obviously untrue

I like to continue to think that I’m early in my career because it gives me more to look forward to, especially when it comes to learning and earning. I just prefer to be paid as someone in mid-career.

I thought the exact same thing…No way I’m “mid-career” though.

You’re in your tail end of your career. I hope you have enough in your 401k and PA to sustain a 4%withdrawal rate assuming a modest cola.

On a different note, im curious how many on here view finance as a means to an end. How many people enter the financial career with hopes of accumulating enough cash to pursue their passion? The next logical question would be, why not start immediately as opposed to tip toeing around the subject? I fall into this category and ask myself this everyday.

It’s pretty obvious that most finance people are doing this for the money. However, I doubt that most people are accumulating money to pursue a specific passion. It’s more like they are getting money so they will have freedom to do anything that they choose in the future, not just one thing. Unfortunately, since this freedom is contingent on financial means, it is impossible to start immediately, like you said, without first saving a lot of money.

I actually like the markets (or the idea of them) in some way, but not as dedicated as others would claim. When I was a kid I used to follow some stocks my parents got me by reading the paper and graphing it. I’m still trying to find my ideal area of finance, but if I’m being honest I would much rather be a writer or beermaker. I definitely am attracted to the idea of $ in this field - even with the good old times gone.

I don’t view finance as a way to accumulate money to become these things. If I was good enough that it was an option I would probably just keep doing it. If I’m not I will still have a comfortable life. Why don’t I just start doing these things? Time and risk aversion.