mid-Feb start for level 2

Hi, I haven’t started reading. I plan on getting the books (Schweser and CFAI) mid-Feb and studying full-time (8 to 10hrs per day) till the exam. Can it be done if one is doing it full-time or is mid-Feb too late? Will burn-out be a problem?

Yes, but I’d recommend scrapping Schweser, just read from the best source CFAI text… IMHO and you’d really have to stick to 8-10 hrs

Thanks Guille. Might instead just get the Schweser mocks for practice (to go along with the CFAI EOC questions, CFAI mocks etc.) I just wanted a second opinion from someone else in the Program. Some personal stuff prevented me from starting in early January as I had planned.

I’m a retaker and I think it is duable but do realize you are somewhat at a disadvantage to others that have been studying for a while but you have less risk of burning out… your success will depend on your background, focus, determination… this will certainly be a big challenge due to the short time period… your approach is exactly what I am doing this time around… I’m just focusing on CFAI and do as many item set questions as I possibly can, whether its finquiz, stalla or schweser… since you only get one shot…practice what you have covered to ensure retention and treat this thing with respect, it aint no level 1… :slight_smile:

Starting beginning of Feb with 95% of doing FRM level 1 in May too - I guess it’s doable :slight_smile:

I’m starting in Feb and plan on being done. Most people that started months ago are likely to forget most of the stuff they studied at the beginning and will have to review again imo

if you don’t work and have 8 hours a day to study you can probably start in march or even april

verse214, I am starting tomorrow. I have a few old CFAI original texts and will start with those for any readings and/or pages that match current curriculum (as I wait to receive new texts from CFAI in next 2 weeks or so). One can probably start in March if they have 8 hrs a day. I think it all depends on one’s familiarity with the stuff and how effective their study plan is. i.e. more study time not necessarily equal to effective use of study time… I am in between jobs but still interviewing. Almost hoping any job offers-if any-come after the exam date :slight_smile: Otherwise my study plan will be completely disrupted :frowning:

I started level 1 in almost mid march, obviously im starting almost a month and a half earlier this time because it is harder but from my own experience I think my learning curve ramped up sharply towards the end of my study plan as I took practice exams. I guess I’m more of a do questions and mock exams, then review all the answers to see what i knew how to do and what i really needed to focus on. I learned much more that way than going back and re-reading certain topics

If you don’t work you can start in May and pass easy

MissCleo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If you don’t work you can start in May and pass > easy I suggest studying 23 hours per day starting on May 15.

March or April - what if something happens and you do not have as much free time? even if it doesn’t can you really study 8+ hours a day and retain anything? I guess this is why only 30some percent of people pass this exam each year.

MissCleo and BryGuy, -Thanks for the advice (or sarcasm for that matter). Thanks, but no thanks. Starbuk, -Why can’t someone do 8+hrs a day if they have nothing else to do? In level 1 I had a demanding job where I was working 60 to 70hrs a week and still put in 2.5 hrs in the evening on weekdays. So work + studying easily topped 8+hours a day.

So you passed level 1 but got fired?