Middle name on admission ticket

Hi All,

Just had a look at my passport and compared it to my admission ticket.

I have a middle name on my passport but not admissions ticket.

Will this be a problem?

Has anyone submitted a change of details form this late?

Its memorial day in the US and bank holiday in the UK this weekend-Tuesday so I won’t be able to call the institute.

I noticed the same thing on Tuesday of last week and I panicked. I called and was told to be safe and fill out the name update form on the website. The instructions on the form say to email the signed and completed form back with a copy of your passport. I emailed everything in on Tuedsay evening and had an confirmation email on Thursday letting me know that the update was complete. My new admission ticket was available to print yesterday.

I would imagine that if you emailed everything today, you would still have plenty of time to get everything updated.

Great thanks. Just sent it. One additional thing to worry about but hope it will be fine.

ha ha ha. That cant be real.