Middle office trading risk management

I have a couple of questions, if any one of you guys may be able to answer. 1. Is a middle office trading risk management job a good starting ground for a Level 3 candidate who wants to go into trading, but has only a little experience? 2. What is the average salary range to expect in this role? Thanks, TA05

1 – depends what your other options are. it’s way better than nothing. 2 – depends on location and your resume. call it 50-60 k average maybe.

Avg. Salary surveys: http://www.psdgroup.com/resources/finance/salarysurvey/full/Risk_Salary_Survey_2008.pdf http://www.risktalent.com/salary_surveys.html

You do hear of people moving from support functions to front office (Jerome Kerviel jumps to mind!), but it seems a roundabout way to do it if you ask me. You certainly run the risk of being stigmatised. Banks hire plenty of fresh-faced undergrads into trading and sales roles. How old are you? What’s your background?

I just turned 25. I am graduating with an MS Finance (4.0 GPA) and I have a year experience in fund accounting.

Risk management is a great step in my view. In all aspects it turns you away from backoffice to the real thing. Careerwise it’s quite a good deal.