Midpoint review?

Long time lurker, first time poster!

I’m just wrapping my initial review of FRA using both the CFAI material and SchweserNotes. Started studying back in April to ease into the swing of things. Would it be prudent to perform a mid-curriculum review at this point, or should I continue onward with my initial course of study? I don’t want to get to the end of the material and have quant/econ seem like a foreign concept by that point. Any insight would be appreciated…thanks!

What I did, for example, was to practice EOC each chapter from Schweser and CFAI curriculum and then practice like 150-200 questions from Q-bank after ending each big topic. After doing that I started with the next big topic, and so on until finish everything. Once done all this, I continued solving questions from Q-bank in order to get a “practice review”. Next, I started doing mocks, CFAI web page assesments and reading solved questions to solidifying concepts and procedures.

If you note, practice was key in all the path of the study. A lot of people recommend practice questions more than re-reading.