Might be a bit tooooo early.


So I am essentially done reading through Scwehser, aside from Ethics which I’ll read from the curriculum but that shouldn’t take long at all - and I’m signed up to write level I in June.

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what should be done next study wise, I think I may have started my studies too early, I don’t want to peak before the exam. I have access to Q-bank, the quick sheet, all the Schweser mocks, CFA mock, BB, EOC and flashcards and notes that I creted while reading.

I was thinking to just start doing Q-Bank questions now and seeing what areas I’m weak in… but I’m wondering if it would be better to give everything another quick read and watch some review videos and then begin practising?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

do the questions, and review what you are weak at after that. … would be a good use of your time.

keep working at the curriculum. Do the EOCs, Blue Boxes, problems on the CFAI website - …

wow you are done way too early but thats never a bad thing. Try to do as many questions as possible. That will help you alot.

I just did QBank back and forth once I was done. And maybe the occasional mock exam in between to see where you stand. Try to do it under exam-like circumstances (time).

You are way too early man. I doubt you will retain half of it after a month

If it’s forgotten after a month, did he really learn it then?

To the OP: time and meaningful repetition are your friend. The more you see these topics and the more you wrestle with them, the more you will understand.

Keep doing mocks and make notes on what you did wrong and were unsure about. Eventually go over mocks you’ve done and see if you really understood the questions you got wrong before. Also if you find some topics difficult I’d go back and specifically review those to ensure you have no weak spots. Another thing I’d recommend which I wasn’t able to find time for was to be able to verbally answer all the LO so that you’ll basically enforce your knowledge to the point that without seeing any answers on the exam to pick from, you already know the correct answer.

Just play COD or something

I would strive to do between 4-5K QBank questions to stay fresh