Mike pence poor net worth. Only 65k when excluding pension

Meanwhile Kamala Harris worth 6m. What in the world lol.

Yikes. Didn’t read the article so I’m taking your word for it. But that’s horrible. And he got destroyed in the debate. Manhood took a nut punch today.

Who knew that Pence was a poor…

Here’s an anecdote during his 1st trump win. Pretty badddd
According to Tom LoBianco’s book, Piety & Power: Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House, Pence and his wife, Karen, were broke before they cashed in on his role as vice president. Karen supposedly even blew up on her husband the night of the election, questioning who would pay for her inaugural gown. “What are we going to do Mike? We don’t have any money!” the book says (via Celebrity Net Worth).

Biden’s going to get Nery’s vote! Very disappointing to see some low value-add, poor guy as vice prez!

Cod COD! I am speaking! I AM SPEAKING!

I mean ■■■■. Even I have $65K.

Pence probably never cracked 200k until he became VP.

From one point of view it’s actually pretty refreshing to see someone less affluent at the top of US’s politics. I read somewhere that the majority of congressmen are millionaires while 40% of the US population would have trouble coming up with an extra 400 bucks within a month, if they’d have to. How can a millionaire understand the struggles and needs of people who are pretty much living hand to mouth?

lol in case you are are curious about the net worth of all of them.

What a true beta. Def VP material, never top of ticket like a true alpha demands. Condemned to table scraps and low earnings — for life.

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well a vp is technically not elected. you are just appointed by the president. they chose hi mspecifically to attract the ultra conservative christian midwest vote. but for all his cool calm collectedness, im thinking he wouldnt be a good president.

Amen. And alpha-Don wifed up Melania, beta-Pence went home with Karen. Guy’s definitely a Prius driving, low-energy guy who probably even includes home equity in his lowly net worth.



Big Melania fan after all of these recordings were release. She’s right who gives and eff about Christmas decorations.

A pretty stand-up move by the ex advisor. An A+ hire in my books. Proceed to write a book and whine about how your boss whined about doing menial work instead of meaningful work.

Yeah and cut her come slack. She grew up in the Soviet Union. Christmas and christianity was a big no-no for them true comrades.

"Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who wrote the book “Melania and Me,” secretly recorded conversations with Trump in the summer of 2018 after Wolkoff left her role as an adviser, CNN reported Thursday night. The recordings show the first lady expressing frustration over media perception on major issues like the administration’s child separation policy.

The recordings also included Trump expressing dismay at her role in decorating and promoting the White House during Christmas time, while she was being criticized for not doing more meaningful work.

“I’m working my a-- off with the Christmas stuff that, you know, who gives a f— about Christmas stuff and decorations but I need to do it, right?” Trump is heard saying."

This assessment deserves a “Top 10 Most Accurate Analyses of 2020” mention, if not winner.

Thank you. My trademark is all-encompassing, objective analysis. I’m right 50% of the time, 100% of the time.

If you can’t include home equity in your net worth - why do banks even give HELOC loans?

Even if he has given it all to a church, I have no idea how someone has a networth of 65k. I had that within the first couple years of working. #SpendNotSave