Millennials don't watch sports

And half the time it wasn’t even a topless shot of Shannon, it was a shot of her just showing some cleavage or a picture of some chick squatting over some dude’s mouth.

Ah the disappointment when the picture finally loaded and it was a horrible fake.

I’ll have to add “thumbnails” to the list of things we didn’t have back in my day.

Hockey fans are a unique group. They are a relatively small group, but fiercely loyal, at least around here. The Flyers haven’t won a Stanley Cup in 41 years, but they still sellout almost every home game. I imagine it’s even more pronounced in Canada.

Not quite sure what your point is. So violence in sport is a good thing, and less violence leads to a decrease in watching sports? Concussions are no joke. Kind of obvious but its effects persists even after an athlete’s career has ended.

You should try yoga. You might like it. It does take a lot of strength. I had the mindset of yoga is only for girls before but I tried it since my mom is a yoga instructor and I enjoyed it.

VR is whats up…heard from a friend

I’ll watch hockey sometimes, especially during the playoffs but that’s only because I went to school with one of the players.

Dude I was just being an a$$ with the fruity comment. I know, for example, that yoga is extremely demanding.

I remember trying to download the PC demo for Shadows of the Empire on dialup. I desperately wanted to play the demo because it was the Hoth snowspeeder-walker level. Watching that download bar for hours just for a 5 meg file. It failed like 10 times at 85% and I finally knew it wasn’t meant to be. I played it years later and it just wasn’t the same. #pre-broadband

Probably because the white kids got crowded out of HS sports, so the they and their friends/family never got to developed enough of a mental connection to any sport.

The point is every subsequent generation is a magnitude less (fill in the blank) the prior. AI will be complete when robots start saying kids these days don’t know how easy they have it.

Vic is half joking but he’s got a point - which has been hammered in on this forum.

is she hot? Cougar yoga instructor, yes please.

You may have a point. The upper income NYC suburb i live in is surrounded by some lower income areas and for some reasons sports like Rugby, Lacrosse, and Hockey are very popular while nobody cares about the big three sports.

Based on everything I have ever seen Rugby is just played by kids in college who werent talented enough to play on a real football or soccer team. Hockey is popular in canada or among wealthy white people because its so expensive to play, and Lacrosse at my school was popular among Football/Soccer players as a spring sport. Was always interested in Lacrosse but sadly I played baseball and they overlapped.

As I mentioned in a thread last summer, the US is the fastest growing nation in hockey. It has now caught up to Canada in women’s hockey and junior hockey and is not too far away in pro hockey. While more white Americans from the upper east coast seem to be joining hockey programs, Canadians seem to be dispersing into different sports (baseball, tennis, basketball, football, soccer).

Well, a Canadian team hasn’t won a Stanley cup since 1993 …

The roster of US based hockey teams is comprised in large part of Canadians.

If your point is that Canadians are less interested in the game because their local teams don’t win anymore, that could be one of the reasons explaining why teenagers are going into other sports. I’ve noticed though that it is mainly immigrants going into other sports. Canada has been welcoming 250K immigrants per year for the last 25 years and these individuals and the kids of these individuals are less interested in hockey and more into other sports.

Oh ok yeah. My nephew plays. He just started playing for some junior team called the Nepean Raiders (CCHL) in Ottawa. He just finished HS.

Canadian junior hockey is still the best way to make the NHL but the US collegiate program is now producing an impressive amount of drafted players. The stigma against it though is that they only play 40 games a season and there are scouts out there that believe that is too few for a player to develop.

The YouTube comment section is a better fit for your opinion. You White?

Not sure how my background is relevant.

I don’t get the obsession with ethnicity on the English speaking web.

It’s relatively now, too, but it’s everywhere.

Here on AF nobody brought it up 5 years ago. Now it’s in every fucking thread.