Millennials don't watch sports

It’s not just the NFL, millennials are tuning out of sports.

Probably too aggressive for these special, sensitive snowflakes. We wouldn’t want to rustle their safe space.

what’s the point of watching people earn a stupid participation trophy. professional athletes get participation trophies, right?

Let’s stop with the millennial bashing.

Not sure how to understand this article. It goes from not watching sports due to a decline in TV consumption, then says decline in the entire genre, but then again goes back to the first point about decline in TV again. Yes, millennials are watching less TV but we can still watch sports on the internet. I’m one of those.

Meanwhile, sales of beard wax have skyrocketed.

im a millennial and I watch sports. But i am sure some of it has to do with a huge chunk not being able to get real jobs and working retail nights and weekends, thatll hurt your sports watching. All the male millenials I work with watch sports as well.

I dont have cable so that definately impacts my sports watching. Can really only watch whats on CBS/NBS/FOX/ABC with my rabbit ears, other then that I have to use my computer so its usually got to be a pretty big game (or out of market Eagles games) for me to do that.

As for your “snowflake” argument or ridiculous “participation trophy” right-wind nonsense claim, MMA is more popular (and brutal) than ever. Participation trophy ribbons, awards, etc. have been given out forever – they don’t mean anything just an acknowledgement that you got off your ass and participated. They have 0 influence in anything.

Anyway to me it appears that team sports are down, not sports in general. Seems like sports like golf and tennis are more popular than they were when i was a kid (although I can’t back this up with any data). If true, why is this? Answer: I have no idea.

They’re watching, they’re just not paying for tv bundles. This study doesn’t capture the percentage of people who would rather stream it or go out to the bar and watch with friends. There are also way too many games in each season for the big three north american leagues.

And people born in the 80s are considered millennials too. The generations should really be separated by pre-broadband internet childhood and post-broadband internet childhoods. Those two groups have pretty distinct characteristics.

Agreed im techinically a millennial but i didnt have internet at home until i was almost done high school. Not that it really matters putting people born around the same time in a group is a pretty lazy thing to do. Its just the cycle of older people complaining about younger people.

other than that you nailed it on the head el_macca17, the guys on my team at work still watch on cable if they live with their parents. The ones that live on their own do what I do, cut the cord, stream and use rabbit ears to get major channels.

had friends over last weekend and had the NFL playoff games on, everyone was shocked that I got HD quality picture of the games for free. If some service could come along to bundle all sports NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB into an on demand streaming service I think that would spell the end for cable TV. I also think netflix should create some curated channels in case you dont feel like picking a show and just want to have a “regular cable” experience which lots of people prefer.

I found that site, but didn’t end up subscribing (more due to time constraints and the fact that I’d use it to watch one soccer game a week, max)

Yeah, back in my day I had to wait minutes for a jpeg of a topless Shannon Doherty to load. Now, kids these days get streaming HD Brazzers quality videos with no buffering at all. Spoiled little brats.


They will never know what its like waiting for the the dial up to connect and then another 3 minutes for a page to load on Netscape or tuning into the fuzzy channels on cable. The only good smut to be seen was in the 70s era PB magazine collection stolen from your boy scout buddy’s pervy uncle. Now they’ve got 4K UHD well produced, tagged and searchable content in the palm of their hands. Buncha gawdam snowflakes.

for some, i’d say the decline in watching sports is due to more physical activity. I personally never had the time to watch a full baseball/basketball/football game probably because im playing some form of sport. I never understood those who devoted their entire Sunday to football - it was like a religion that also consumed Monday/Thursday.

I agree. Most of us are very fit and active dudes with chiseled abs who make at least high 6 figs. Ain’t nobody got time for watching sports.

I am not so sure that I agree with that statement.

MMA is a niche sport and its presence remains insignificant in absolute numbers.

Hockey i believe got significantly less violent than 15-20 years ago. Then there is the whole concussion argument about football.

Isn’t boxing a rather"old-school" sport on the decline as well?

Then you have the explosion of individual sports like crossfit, pilates, yoga, spinning and all these fruity activities.

So I might be wrong, but I do feel like sports generally got much less violent.

^America’s past time went from baseball to football. MMA is starting to compete with football for most viewed (look at the #s for UFC 205).

-Boxing is on the decline but i’d attribute that to the rise in MMA.

-I’ll get murdered if i say this aloud in boston but hockey sucks

Seriously ? I really did not know that.

But if we net it, wouldn’t you say that overall violent sports are on the decline ?

MMA isn’t close to the NFL. Nothing comes close. A single fight may draw a high number, but overall the NFL dominates. Here’s the list of the top 50 non-NFL sporting events of 2015 (couldn’t find 2016 data yet) and there’s not a single MMA event listed.