Min. percentage required in FRA...to pass L1

hi guys, another 3 weeks left…and im struggling with FRA…have no previous experience in accounts as im an engineer… wats the minimun percentage we hav to get in FRA (24 ques…im not including corp. finance)…so that we can still pass L1 without a hitch… will a 50-70 be enough? any insights?? thanks…

your score must be >70 for all parts, one section there is no minimum. but its a big part you will want to study hard for this part, especially all the ratios

Techincally you could miss all of them but obviously that is a horrible idea… I am in a similar situation as I just graduated with a degree in finance a couple weeks ago and our curriculum taught us NOTHING about accounting. With 3 weeks left it is unlikely that either one of us is going to dominate FRA unless we ignore all of the other sections. Instead, what I am doing is making 100% certain that I will get the questions right about topics I KNOW will be on the exam. For example, there ARE going to be multiple questions about EPS calculations. I would also bet that we will see questions regarding the cash conversion cycle, all of the differences between LIFO and FIFO, and other major topics like that. Don’t spend too much time on the little details that probably won’t be on the exam and focus on the topics that you know WILL be on the exam. that’s what I am doing anyway

ya you are right…there’s no point focussing completely on FRA and ignoring all the other topics… im gonna study FRA like crazy for another week until the 22nd… and then leave the last two weeks for revision of all the books make sure u look at the difference b/w IFRS and GAAP…ive heard its imp for the exam here’s the link for a file on the differences tht sum1 posted in the previous threads… http://www.mediafire.com/?wyyyjjozywm just hoping to pass in FRA somehow…

a 50-70 or even a below 50 could be sufficient depending on your performance on the other areas. But targeting any thing less than 71+ is not advisable. FRA is the heaviest section soring good on this will improve your chances of passing more than the derivatives, PM and AI combined. The fact that you have no accounting background is not important as most CFA candidates are like you. And BTW many science students claim that learning science subjects is much harder than Fin/ACC subjects. Best of luck everybody

yeah bhabib…im am targetting 70+ for sure…thts the only way ill end up passing FRA…if i target a 50+…i kno i wont make it… i now realise tht i need to ace the other sections…since im bad at FRA…

You can fail multiple sections and still pass the exam. But make sure they are not FRA and Ethics certainly not Ethics

supersunny…is getting 50-70 in FRA a fail?

karan.mfc Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > supersunny…is getting 50-70 in FRA a fail? Definitely not a fail. You can pass with multiple sections under 70. Not recommended aiming for that though!

Can anyone please tell me whether the FRA section also combines the Corp Finance section?

On the mock corporate finance is right after FRA, so corporate finance is going to get 18 questions of its own (correct me if I’m wrong)

corp finance is different from FRA… FRA section has 24 ques and Corp fin. has 10 ques