Mind games to crack the exam

IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS !! Look for a trick in every question n if u manage to find 1 then u can be confident of ur answer. This might help to build ur confidence while solvin d paper. Incase u can’t recall a formula or equation, calculate an answer wid d most obvious way n see if its one of d options. Cancel it and chose between d other 2 options. Please post any shortcuts or techniques that hav worked for u.

There are no shortcuts in this exam. That is the whole point. It is supposed to be about the quality and depth of understanding of the material. If you won’t spend the time to spell three and four letter words like “you” and “with” properly, you have no hope for this exam.

My shortcuts I’ve used is to understand the material logically, rather than pure memorization…but also memorizing everything that i can too…overall, just knowing everything possible.

You can use “d” instead of writing the word “the”. Or “ur” instead of “your” “hav” instead of “have” “n” instead of “and” Great shortcuts.