Mind Maps / Review Workbook

I used the Schweser mind maps for Level 1 and found them to be very helpful. Anyone have any thoughts on the mind maps for Level 3? I’m debating buying them right now with rushed shipping, just not sure about the $480 for the whole final review session. I’m not really interested in the final review class, just the mind maps. Anyone know of any other options to get a hold of the mind maps book?

Thanks for any help!

I took the class a few weekends ago…

We skipped the whole mind maps book, and spent 99% of the time on the questions.

Honestly, I thought the books, and the class was a bit waste of time. They just tried to cram everything into you in such short period of time… it was just doing question after questinon.

If mindmaps worked for you int he past, it may help here… but I haven’t opened that book since the class. I think secret sauce is more helpful than the mind maps. but that’s my $0.02