Mind taking a look at my resume?

Here is the link: http://www.razume.com/documents/16734 Please let me know any thoughts you may have. Also, any thoughts relating to what kind of positions this resume would be good for. Thanks.

Great grades, with those you should be able to qualify for most positions! Less than flattering history given you have jumped around a little bit and only been at your current position a few months. and you had been there before the bank. its not really as much what kind of positions your resume would be good for but what kind of positions your looking for. dont let your past dictate your future or you will end up back at the bank cashing checks, and thats not what you have works so hard for. so what interests you? …im currently having numi rework mine and he works wonders!!!

A few little things: 1) I’d probably try to remove bullet two (licensed life/health/etc) unless applying for a job along those lines, and replace it with a skill that ties to the job you’re applying for 2) The cap’d items I would do ‘small caps’ (I just like the way they look 3) You’ve got room for improvment on the ‘verbiage’ - you could sell that stuff better I think, and the ‘skills’ or ‘duties’ should be tailored to the role. What do you WANT to do? Then tailor your resume to that. This would be a legit resume for like a personal banker or other ‘retail’ financial role. I think you were interviewing for a credit analyst gig, you can way tailor that professional experience more towards that end than what you’ve got here. If you’re looking for like a credit analyst at a bank role, you probably don’t need Numi’s services (although they’ll absolutely help, with some time and reworking you’d be fine). If you want to shoot me a copy in word to ‘cfahuster@gmail.com’ I’d be glad to make a few little tweaks. I’m no pro, but I’ve improved mine dramatically over the last two years.

Thanks to both. Asset management is one area that interests me, but there are also many other areas that interest me as well. I would like to get in with a larger company and try to set myself apart and move up from there. One thing I do not want to do right now is go into another role that is 100% commission based like my first position right out of college. One of the main reasons I am looking around right now is because I am in a town of 4300 people (no life in the networking department being that the closest city with over 100K is an hour away) with really no where to go from my current position except a rep, so I am looking to move to a larger city like St. Louis. @jcole21…I will send you my resume in Word format. I appreciate it.

I would think a Sales Assistant on a desk, junior Private Wealth Management, junior Private Banking type of role…all with a salary 40-45/50k depending where you are. Look for junior investment advisory/sales roles with larger firms and banks in your area. Good GPA, not the best school (I’m assuming), good athlete/competitive, and you have your licenses. I think you’d be good for any of the roles mentioned above. The economy’s bad, time to hustle- google “Investment advisory St. Louis” or other variations Wealth management, private banking- find firms you didn’t know existed and see if you’d like to work there. Check for open jobs on email addresses on their site that might not be listed on a site like Indeed. Email them and highlight your experience and why with that, YOU will be a great asset FOR THEM, and what tell them what intrigues you about their firm. Also I wouldn’t get rid of the bullet points like the person above said- just reorganize them. Put CFA Level II or Series 7, etc at the top. Also look up job descriptions on your dream job and paraphrase some of the job responsibilities into what you’re doing now at NMFN. Your bullet points for what you do is kind of weak/general- put in words to make it sound more analytical- equities/fixed income, look up job responsibilities for a NMFN Financial Rep and put some of their duties under yours.

@TPain88 - Those sound like they would be what I would want and good places to start and move up. What exactly do you mean by “check for open jobs on email addresses”? Do you mean to email them and see if there are any openings?

My 2 cents: I would avoid starting out your bullets with “worked with”. The verbiage is kind of weak, and you start three of your seven work experience bullets like this. I would start them off with stronger adjectives such as “resolved customer’s concerns” for the first one or “recommended financial products…”. Also, I would list the stronger, more relevant bullet items first (and this will probably vary depending on the position you are applying for). I know that when I read a bunch of resumes, I tend to lose focus the further I go down each section. For example, I would think that for your current role the fact that you created asset allocations and reccommended products is far more impressive than resolving customer concerns about their accounts.

Do you have to say “Accredited by AAS…” ? I would take that out, I never heard of your school, but if you need to write accredited in your resume, it’s not a good sign.

CFAcountry Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > @TPain88 - Those sound like they would be what I > would want and good places to start and move up. > What exactly do you mean by “check for open jobs > on email addresses”? Do you mean to email them and > see if there are any openings? Yeah sorry…long day and a slight case of self diagnosed dyslexia. Check for open jobs on their website and check for email addresses listed on their site- ie. email blah blah for current career opportunities. It’s not going to be easy b/c of the economy but don’t give up- you should be able to land a gig like that, just keep on applying and tweaking your cover letter for each firm. Make it sound like you know the firm and know why you want to work THERE as opposed to somewhere else. ie- The boutique size and learning opportunity through exposure, the large size and possibilities and options, the history, a recent deal that or news story that you heard about, blah blah blah…

Try to shorten the bullet points under “professional experience” into one-liners. That’ll give you the space of three extra lines. Use that space for writing something more personal under “summary of qualifications”, not about degrees taken but something qualitative about your personality, what it is you can bring to the company that’ll hire you next, about your aim. Also as was said above: avoid “work with”, go straight for the main verb: resolve, run, define, etc. But those things are just technicalities. You have been jumping around a lot in a very short time. It might not necessarily be a good sign in the eyes of a recruiter, and, much later on, it might prove to be a hassle having to add all those disparate positions onto your resume every time you’ll look for another job. You can even expect to get questions about your job hopping some ten or fifteen years on, when you yourself barely remember anything about those positions recruiters might still start to ask questions about the rationale for taking or leaving any job as if it happened yesterday. Trust me on that one, it isn’t funny. Why not sit tight on your current job until you’ve cleared the Level II exam at least ?? (Maybe even the Level III ditto).

why St Louis? I just moved here three years ago from Louisville and if I had to do it again I’d move to Chicago.

gotta support the cardinals right? im also looking into places in texas since i have family there