anyone else be watching this? I’ve seen the whole thing now… it’s pretty good

The rest of us are too busy doing lines of coke and banging Asian poonany. Dude your so domesticated now

Agreed, it’s a good show that’s cast well and has interesting dialogue. I really hope they do another season.


Kemper is great and the final scene where he gets the drop on Ford and has him shaking with fear, all the while trying to keep his calm is pretty awesome.

The only scene I didn’t much like was when Ford and Carr are pressing the DA hard to prosecute all 3 suspects instead of only the husband because they ‘knew’ all 3 were involved. I thought that was stretch…they had no conclusive proof all 3 were involved, yet they were acting like their theory of what happened was hard evidence. I get the entire show is based around Ford having an intuition of what happened and acting on that to get proof - but that’s different than forcing that intuition as proof itself.

Couldn’t get past the horrific acting within the first 20 minutes of the pilot.

I am halfway through the second. Have you guys seen the side by side comparisons of the actual killer and the actor? It’s amazing how close he is. I’m definitely interested now

Is it worth watching? Just got through got season 7 and it was wack!

Well if you have poor taste, hard to know…

I read milfhunter lol

This show is starting to suck real hard. No clue where they are trying to take this story with the foot tickler and the young male lead guy is a turrible actor