Minimum time for level 3

I was pretty busy with family , interviews and applications the past couple of months. And i now realised that there is not much time left for the exam. What i wanted to know was whether it is possible to pass if i give a total of 6 weeks to the exam. Planning to start in mid-april (will be full time studying - no job - during those days using holdidays leave etc). Or should i just plan on sitting the exam next year

You can definitely do it if you’re full-time! Good luck!

Yeah 6 weeks of full time, dedicated study should be enough if you work hard…smash it out of the park!!!

6 weeks full-time is a luxury that very few us have. You will be more than fine.

If you can follow through, then you’ll be good. If not, then we know why.

Minimum time?

At least 20 minutes.

6 weeks is tough…but if you treat it like a FT job and put in 50 hrs/week or so, should be possible. You’re going to have to eat, sleep and breathe CFA L3. Not something I’d be interested in…

Wish I viewed my Feb-layoff in ER as a luxury to prep for this but struggling to atm lol

I smell a Band 6 in the air…


In situations like these, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t.

Wow you can easily do that if you can put concentrated efforts of 8 Hours per day * 45 days = 360 Hours , better then what CFAI claims for required to be passing, but better put extras 10 %. I don’t have this luxury.

Corporate quote of the day

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.-Wayne Gretzky

Clearly from the 2000’s Management playbook

OK then I won’t say how I think you’ll fail, too.


Didn’t you say that about me in level II?

Good stuff.