Minimum Time in the Exam Hall

So work got the better of me in the past 3 months and I’m nowhere near finishing the course, doing mocks etc

So now I want to get a fail grade and get out of the exam hall as quick as possible to get on with my day. So I have two questions.

  1. Whats the minimum amount of time I can spend sitting the morning session?

  2. Do I need to sit the afternoon session as well to get a grade?

Spent a bit of time looking but couldn’t find any info… all help appreicated.

Thanks AF

Why would you even show up on the exam day?

Edit: Nvm, guess you have some kind off “with-you-til-you-pass” thing going on. Sorry, dont know the answers to your questions.

maybe his company is paying for the exam and he needs at least some score to get payment. dont believe there is a minimum time needed

i’m pretty sure you can’t get out once the exam begins. but maybe it differs from test center to test center.

Hey Iconoclasts, yeah you’re right. I need to just sit the exam to receive my reimbursment.

I know I can leave the first exam at any time but I’m wondering whether I have to show up for the afternoon sitting to receive a full result (ie. a band 1)

yes you must show for both sessions to get a full score

This is correct. I’m not sure what the minimum time is or if there is one, but you must sit for both sessions.

If I were you, instead of going as fast as possible, I’d tell everyone around me that I know the stuff inside and out, then wait to finish up in like 45 minutes.

I don’t belive there is a minimum, however they have the cut off, with like 1:30 or 1 hour to go where you can’t leave. So unless you wanna sit there the entire time make sure to head out before then.

Are you planning on taking this again next year? Might as well do the exam since your employer is going to reimburse you.

You can’t leave the first thirty minutes while they do the “no cheating, no cell phones” spiel. But once the exam starts, you can leave right away in the AM session. But you have to come back for the 1PM start, listen to the spiel again, start, then leave again (if you want to be scored).

PS: thanks for helping the curve. Not only will you help the MPS however minor, you will probably freak out the three people sitting closest to you when you leave after 10 minutes for BOTH sessions cheeky

Are you going to bubble randomly, in a pattern, or all C?

I think I might just randomly bubble kjsgbp

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