Mining ER interview

I have a mining ER interview coming up with an MD. Any ideas on what to expect? What stocks should I pitch? I was thinking of a company around $1B, big enough but not followed as closely. How many stocks should I prepare, 2 or 4? How much detail, full report and PowerPoint presentation or just memorize some facts? How many models, 3 statement and DCF enough? Should I bother having a short pitch since most reports are buys anyway?

I just had a real estate ER interview with an MD via Skype and pitched a REIT, long thesis. I’d stay away from a short pitch unless you realllllly have conviction

You pitched a stock in the same industry? I was thinking of doing something that’s sort of related to mining but not mining. I’m doing a manufacturer as my first, then one other back up.

yes, I know a lot of conventional wisdom says DO NOT do that because the interviewer will ALWAYS know more than you about any stock within that industry but if you truly know it well, I think it shows you have balls.

2 to 3 companies and recommendation. short term catalysts…etc…

but make it short…under 4 min per company but ready to answer questions.

Hello Hei.So,

If you prepared the presentation, could i please have a look?

I am from mining and have done financial forecast for a mine.