Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the richest of them all?

Who do you guys think is the richest person on AF and what’s his/her net worth?

My guess: Ohai. NW: $10M

No cap! Who are the millionaires in this forum. And when did you make it first million. What age.

Bill (S2Magician).

Ohai hasn’t been heard of since April. Ohai, where art thou?

CEO 10k…that Denver house is appreciating.


I’d guess s200, ohai, dow, or Mobius. They all seem be “seasoned” and spent their careers in highly paid areas. We did a survey several years ago about the income and possibly networth of AF. it’s on a Google sheet somewhere




What do they do? I thought they were scientists or on derivatives desks at banks. Good jobs, but not what I would expect to be making $1M+ per year for many years in a row. I mean, I think they are likely in the top intelligence of AF (at least quantitatively), don’t get me wrong.

How to define the richest? Is it by salary or net worth? Personally I’d look at the net worth. Interesting how net worth isn’t how we judge stocks though. Usually based on market cap. Haha

If you make 500k a year and spend 600k, you’re broke, not rich, at the year end.

Make that same argument for Tesla plz. Elon musk new richest man in the world lol.