Mis - Reading Questions

Has anyone noticed how you can mis-read a question and therefore get the wrong answer, even when you know the subject material cold. Especially in a vignette format when you’re flipping back and forth from question to relevant facts. I guess only solution is to read the question, answers and pertinent section very carefully. If anyone has other helpful suggestions, please share. BTW one thing that helps me on the practice exams is if i’m not sure of a question, i pick what i think is the answer and then note the second best answer, so then when i come back to it, i can get my bearings that much quicker. Later when you grade the exam, it’s helpful to see that even if your first answer is wrong, if your second selection is correct, you’re not a total idiot.

good point…happens to the best of us. i try underlying stuff while i’m reading ( of course this doesn’t apply to all the mock/sample exams we’re doing online)…this helps in referring back and forth…so you can look straight at a particular sentence instead of having to scan for it