Misdirected intellectual curiosity?

It seems to me that much of the energy and intellectual curiosity on the forum is directed only at ways to beat the system and do the absolute minimum amount of work. Is there a place here for those who are genuinely interested in the subject and want to learn as much as possible about it?

Well, some of the CFA syllabus is interesting. However, very few people find all (or most of it) to be useful. For instance, it was useful for me to learn the accounting stuff since I have no previous exposure to that subject. However, other parts, like most of ethics and the portfolio management, are just empty material that you just have to memorize.

General Discussion occasionally hosts an enlightening thread.

Well this is kind of hard to answer in a place like this. In general, people taking the CFA exams are not doing it because they are genuinely interested in the topics all together. If they truly were, nothing would be stopping them from going to a library or researching these topics on their own without having to take an exam or get the charter. Getting the charter is for recognition and standard qualification purposes only, either for self recognition or from others, either employers or clients. With that, most people on these forums will have the mindset on just passing. To find people genuinely interested in a topic, I usually find them in the academic arena. The only other place is in the work force, where some people get into a field out of pure interest. Good Luck and Rock on!

@Rhodes1…dude, personally i am genuinly interestd in learning, understanding and putting the knowledge into practice. Sure, i also want the recognition but its not my main reason. Few years ago i enrolld 4 CFA, barely studied and found myself questioning my motives 4 enrolling on EXAM DAY. Faild then. Passd L1 this tym coz i hav different motives. Rite now i really wana apply what im learning 2 grow my personal stock portfolio. But its easier said then done. Half the tym i stil invest based on gut feel. Many of my friends, family know very little bout the stock market and its wealth building potential. They see it as gambling. So i wana educate myself and then hopefully make a business with this valuable knowledge. So yeah, some of us r in it to actually learn and use the knowledge. U are not alone bro.

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Hey Rhodes, I must admit, there isn’t a lot going of value going on ATM. From my experience, the forum tends to be valuable as you grow closer to the exam date. For level one, I found people were very willing to elaborate on sections that was having trouble understanding and it did help with calculator questions.

Shortcuts work for L 1. Level 2 will be a bigger hurdle for shortcutters. And level 3 will filter them out.

No one is trying to “beat the system”. This is the system! Most people have to study for a test that only is available once a year on top of working full time. Everyone wants to maximize their study efforts and pass the test on the first try. Enjoy your intellectual discussions on financial theory and your band 5 fail while other people are firing out practice questions and preparing to pass.

I have to admit my “misdirected intellectual curiosity” of studying and trying to pass the CFA exams is killing me.