Misleading "timer/percentage completed" on computerized test

So I took my exam the other day. I normally move fast and have time remaining, on practice tests and exams in the past.

So I was concerend when my 135 minute test showed about 45% complete and 1 hour remaining. I thought to myself I better pick up the pace. This is not like me. Did I waste too much time on one tricky question?

A few questions later it said section complete. Timer showed about 40 minutes remaining, and percent complete said 50%.

Apparently the percent complete reader is including all questions from the morning and afternoon session, while the timer just counts down the current session. It caused a momentary and unecessary panic for me.

So in the morning, double the percentage completed to know where you are at, and in the afternoon, subtract 50 from the percentage completed and double it to know where you are at.

Outside of that I found the computer testing to be quite a pleasant experience and prefer it to the old way.