misplaced my SoPH

Just shifted apartments, got the internet connection done, all pumped up to take ethics to bed and guess what - misplaced my Standards of Practice handbook on the way. I will have to use the pdf now to read that crap :-(( … and you will see more of me from tomorrow. Things have settled down, and hopefully I still have a chance to take the exam on 7th.

Ok so I’m not passing since I’m asking this question, but is the SoPH different than whats in the CFAI text?

I have no idea, I have not yet read the CFAI texts. If they are the same, then you have made my day!

I’m just not sure what the Standard of Practice Handbook is. I feel so embarrased asking, but I honestly have not even touched ethics yet because I don’t like to study that until 1 week before the exam since I feel like I won’t retain the information anyways. I need to know what the SoPH is though!!

dinesh, they are. you have everything in the CFAI volume 1. even soft dollars, ROS, etc… have fun bud!

lance, :slight_smile: http://www.cfapubs.org/doi/pdf/10.2469/ccb.v2005.n3.4000

Oh joy, thanks for that!!!

Does anyone know if the examples are the same in the CFAI text and the SoPH? I imagine the content is the same but if the examples are different I may read through it… Thanks in advance.

SoPH is identical to that in the curriculum. However, curric has add’l soft dollars, ROS, etc that isn’t in the SoPH

word, thanks ng. good luck tomorrow

dinesh, they are same, I used to read it during work :slight_smile: GOOD LUCK everyone