Mispronunciation of the word Schweser

CF_AHHHHHHHHH Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I say it Sch-wess-er… didn’t even know that it > was wrong? go figure. I call it that too - oops! :slight_smile:

akanska Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > iheartiheartmath Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > Schvartz > > I got it :slight_smile: one of my favorites I’m a Mog. I’m my own best friend. Classic.

Ohhh are you saying Spaceballs is one of akanska’s favorites? I assumed that she meant that shvartz’s were her favorite…silly me.

i set my self up for that one… shvartz shvartz’s

+1 for Spaceballs then. +5 for Schvartz.

Just out of curiousity: how many of you pronounce the w of schweser “v” ? Cause it’s actually a German name and should be pronounced “shveyzer”