So we all know that if you put something in your CV that you don’t have (CFA charter, Masters, whatever) is a violation of the Standard.

However, what if u ignore something? Imagine that you have a bunch of experience in something that u don’t want to show, like that you studied something irrelevant for the job. Would it be violation?

I’d think it’s more about accuracy than completeness.

So whatever you do put on there, should be correct.

Tricky one as you can “misrepresent” something through omission, just as easily as by inclusion.

I would suggest it comes down to motivation and how relative the information is to the situation. Just because you don’t include on your CV the fact you stacked shelves at your local supermarket when you were 20, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily “misrespresenting” yourself. If something is “material” to the situation and you either ommit it with the motivation to “misrepresent”, or lie about it directly- then that would be misrepresentation.

As long as the misrepresentation does not involve deceit, then it’s fine.

Excluding the fact that I’m more qualified than I say I am is not misrepresenting my qualification, it’s understating it, but including facts that I don’t uphold is misrepresentation.

I think it would very much depend on your intention (as some others have mentioned), and the importance to the situation.

Overall, I don’t think you need to divulge your entire life to be in compliance. As Mr. Smart and S666 said, as long as you don’t say something misleading or untrue to make yourself look more qualified, then I would assume it’s okay (usually).