Missed filling in the ovals

I missed filling in the ovals for the name and the candidate number on both the AM and the PM. I did not realise that I had to fill in these but I did write my name and candidate number on the answer sheet. WOuld my paper be voided

Funny you were talking about the ovals. but did anyone had Double vision after having the dumb ovals in your face towards the end of the exam? sorry to hijack with such a dumb remark…

I realized in the pm that I didn’t fill the ovals for my candidate # in the am, just wrote it down. I asked the proctor and she said it would most likely be ok, but that I should advise CFA this week to tell them what happened.

I swear I forgot to fill in my ovals w/ Candidate # (although I think I bubbled my name- if you did a search I’m sure you’ll find my OH SH*T post in here somewhere around early June). They found me… my guess is you’re ok but probably can’t hurt to email or call. They collect everything so meticulously anything from test booklet to exam sheet, row, section, etc- my guess is you’ll be fine. Relax for a few weeks and hopefully you’ll get your pass mid-Jan! To make you feel better, though, I’m 99% sure I forgot to bubble in my # and got my results just fine this past june and passed.

fwiw, I contacted cfai and received a very quick response providing an assurance that they would correct the answer sheet, and the oversight wouldnt’ affect the grading of the exam

Thanks guys for the reassurance … m feeling better am calling them up right now to find out.

Zubs, you should be fine. I’m saying this because I collect those scantrons for university exams here…and students often forget to bubble in their names. This just means that it’s extra work for whoever is grading your paper. But you should definitely get a grade.