Missed Registration

Yes, I’ve been that idiot. I was putting off registering due to looming job offers but went to bite the bullet today and realised I’d been retarded. I’m fuming.

Has anyone experience in registering past the deadline? i know, it defeats the object of a deadline, but i’m willing to try anything now.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Me thinks you’re screwed. But try giving CFA a call - you have nothing to lose.

+1 and you’re technically not a candidate as your profile suggests.

Good catch. Who will report him first?

In my very limited experience, CFAI is not very forgiving with such matters.

But even if they do let you register, what makes you think you can pass? I assume that you haven’t even started studying yet, or you would have already registered.

Whether or not he can pass depends on how much time he was available each day. 3-4 hrs each day including full day study sessions on the weekends and he still has time in my opinion. Just a matter of getting registered which he’d need to resolve ASAP or else it might still not be too late but the odds of being successful on the exam will drop sharply.

OP seems to be a Level 3 candidate, as am I. You seem to be a Level 1 candidate.

Your strategy of cramming right before the exam might work for Level 1, especially if you already have an academic background in the field. However, I doubt this would work for Level 2, and I’m quite certain that it won’t work for Level 3. Level 2 has way too much information to cram into 2 months, and Level 3 has to be “digested”, because of the interweaving topics and the way the exam is tested.