Missing in readings, present in QBank

Was just wondering if there are things that dont appear in the study material but pop up in the question bank on Schweser notes. I am just on my first reading (TVM) and could not find ‘opportunity cost’ anywhere whereas I was able to spot it on the first question on the Qbank. I hope that the notes cover the topics adequetely and assuming that opportunity cost would get discussed in some other reading later on!

Well I found it. I was initially reading through 2007 books and solving questions on 2008 qbank. Its there in 2008 notes. Apologies for my initial post.

Hi Admit, I am interested in this. I just wonder how many correct result of QBank you get? I am reading 2007 books right now because I scheduled stepping in June 2009 exam. So, i want to read through past material for sure. Have you met too much confusion in Q.Bank when using different publication material? Thank you for your information.

I havent read a lot nor have I solved many questions. Just considering the section II that I have completed - I would say that there are some changes. Not so big in nature, but these useless ppl have introduced a few new definitions here and there - which means that even if you know the answer for a question, you might not know the right option becuase of the terminology used in the options. But if you preparing for 2009 - I think you have taken the right step. Complete that and it should not be tough to scan thru 2009 notes.