Missing Motivation

I was already lagging way behind my preparation schdule and then somehow the momentum broke. Now with only 37 days left and more than 3 books to finish for first read, is it rational to think that the exam can be nailed? Need support for withdrawal option… The time and energy can be better utilized for next attempt. Help?

Stop being a little lady boy and hit the books. Even if you don’t pass this time, working on the material and taking the exam will make retaking the exam next June that much easier.

You got it buddy… Imma give it a hard shot. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m taking it for the 4th time, and I love it !!! It is kind of fun to read things and understand them at your own pace without rushing. New insights evertime I take it, but I don’t want to take it for the fifth time!

No denying the fact that it’s always more insightful when u read again. What we need, my friend, is serious time managment. Let’s hope you get through this time. Cheers!

Goodluck, the road is tough…you have to stop all other activities just to dedicate 110% efforts on this. But 4 weeks to go I think you still can make it. Dont lose hope. The worst case is not that bad!