Missing Stalla Lecture cd's

i got my package from stalla yesterday. They forgot to include the lecture cd’s. Apparently this happens… because they have an option on their automated answering machine about missing components. I ordered the self-study package and I know that they should have included the lecture cd’s as they did for level I. What sucks is that I will have another 5 days without those lecture cd’s. Dang it. However, I can’t be really mad at them… they let helped me passed level 1 after all. hehe. But I’m gonna demand my expedited mail option refund of $45 and I’m also gonna ask them to mail the lecture cd’s via overnight mail. Did anyone have a similar experience with stalla?

They forgot to ship my flashcards, but that was all taken care of within the course of a week.

Stalla/Becker customer service is so messed up. I initially had to spend half a day to get an employeer/corporate discount code to work. Then I ordered online and 2 days later when I called to check on it, they said I was supposed to call to “complete” the process even though I ordered online. 8 calendar days after my online order, I got my shipment yesterday. I am missing Dvd #2 of lecture dvds and the flashcards. Will call them tomorrow to complain and demand immediate shipment of the missing items.

They are on backorder. I called Friday after I received my order. They should be at the warehouse and ship on 2/5.

called stalla today. as you said flowbe, they are on back order. this is pretty ridiculous. The only thing that distinguishes stalla from the cfa level II books is the passmaster and lecture videos… peter olinto. The books are very similar to the actual cfa books. They should have told us about this before we bought it. What was the point of paying 45 extra dollars if it will take 2 weeks to deliver those cd’s. I complained to the customer service representative today and she told me that to her knowledge, they notified us that it wasn’t available. I told her that they did not… I read all the fine print and email confirmations… there was nothing about lecture cd’s being unavailable. Another annoying thing… She then said I would be receiving it this thursday and that they will send it out this friday. So I asked how is that possible? And she was like… what I meant to say is we will receive it on thursday and send it out on friday. So it will come the following monday at the earliest. And she was like is there anything else I could help you? I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. Like a whimpy baby I was like… No, that was it thank you very much… While in my head I was like, " wtf lady… do you not understand losing over 1 week of study is huge for this test! I want my money back. Where is peter olinto… I want to complain about this! Maybe he will figure something out" :slight_smile:

When I called them today for my missing lecture DVD, Stalla rep told me it was in stock and but in a few mins I realized she was talking about lecture notes. I clarified her again that I am missing freaking Lecture DVD, she said she has put the order in. I have a feeling she has messed it up again but will wait and see what gets delivered.

I got an email today saying they had shipped. FedEx tracking says they will be delivered on Monday. The email says “CFA L2 2010 Lecture DVD (Batch 2).” Does anyone know what Batch 2 means? What is batch 1?

Batch 2 contains lectures 1-18, Batch 1 only had 1-9.

bpdulog Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Batch 2 contains lectures 1-18, Batch 1 only had > 1-9. Thanks for the info.

I misread bpdulog’s post as batch 2 contains 10-18. I was freaking out. Then I realized it was 1-18. Thank goodness. My package is arriving on monday… Ah, I was hoping it would arrive today.