Mistake in Candiate Number

RC That sucks…but if they didn’t have the AM paper wouldn’t that mean you wouldn’t get results at all?? They’d mark you as incomplete wouldn’t they?? Something to ask them as their system may be flawed

have you thought about the possibility of you skipping a bubble or missing a mark and throwing the whole exam off?

Everything is running through my head … Maybe your right - maybe I was one or two bubbles out and screwed alll my answers to the morning paper - but i’m pretty sure i didnt The CFA wont give me any break down of scores ie they wont tell me what I got in the morning paper. Alll they will say is that the results have been verified - meaning that a sample of papers have been checked. They have confirmed that they see me signed into both sessions (so I get a score and not incomplete) but wont confirm that they have my answers to the morning session CFA have told me to get a retab if i think there is a problem with one of the papers

hey RC - I am 100% sure to have not filled the bubbles in AM paper for Candidate no. The proctor in PM session saw my PM paper and asked me to fill it up. I tried to contact them and get the AM paper bubbles filled, but no help. This is about my L1 exam in Jun this yr. I asked people on AF on L1 forum and they advised me to send an email to CFAI. I did it and they replied, that there prof.s are good enough and will verify for each paper to have marked and I should not be concerned about my paper remaining unmarked. And I waited silently. I have passed L1. Could not have done it w/o the paper being marked. If you think - you did much much better than ur scores, do fill a retab. And write them an email too. All the best.