Mistake in Candiate Number

I did not oval the numbers under my candidate number on the answer sheet of the morning paper. However I did write my candidate number on the sheet I asked a proctor and they told me that they dont think it matters, they said that it would just be trwon out of the auto markingh and have to be manually input I’m not shure if that is actually the case or not - does anyone have any insight ? Prob dont deserve to pass anyway after not being able to fill in my candidate number correctly

As far as I know, they check the papers manually as well after having put them through the marking machines. So hopefully there won’t be any problem with your paper. Don’t give up hope man.

Damm … was looking for an excuse for if i open the CFAI website on the 13th Aug (Arb date choosen for no reason at all) and learn that I have been condemmed to repeat the 400 hrs of hell I suffered earlier this yr :wink: Thanks for the post … i cant imagine they would chuck the paper out for that - although they might chuck it out for the picture that i scratched into the bottom right hand corrner - opps

Oh… then you’re screwed… those CFA peeps don’t like no pics…

no worry, I think you will be fine as you already write down your candidate no. It serve as a backup for the bubble. Afterall they got 2 months, plenty of time to review those reject by machine.

I think I wrote down the wrong date, lol…6/6/2008 instead of 6/7/2008

i forgot to write my seat number on the answer sheet in the morning session. I am not going to sweat over it.

If you score below 50% on all of the morning topics, you’ll know that it mattered, and you’ll pay the $100 or whatever it costs for the regrade.

you don’t have to write your seat # in the morning section, only afternoon. i freaked after i saw that on the PM sheet- quickly asked one of the proctors. don’t sweat it

Oh really? Thanks for that info. One less thing to worry about then.

richsg21 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > you don’t have to write your seat # in the morning > section, only afternoon. i freaked after i saw > that on the PM sheet- quickly asked one of the > proctors. don’t sweat it pretty sure you have to write seat number for AM and PM the only difference between the two answer sheets is signing the pledge in the AM.

I think I also forgot to oval my candidate number in the morning session! I have written the number on the sheet though… We were handed over the copy just 5 mins before 9AM and i guess when i saw the time… i kind of hurried with it…

In DC, the announcer just says “write in todays date, blah, blah, and test center code…you will find these on your exam ticket.” Why can’t he just say what the freakin’ date and test center code are!?! It’s not like it’s a different date somewhere else in the room, or the room is in more than one test center!!

I didnt write my seat number in the PM but oh well cant do anything about it…wrote the seat number in the AM…

Looks like my morning paper hasn’t been marked (Alternative investments only in second paper etc ) Any ideas what i can do ? Level 2: Fail Item Set Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Alternative Investments 18 - - * - Corporate Finance 36 * - - - Derivatives 36 * - - - Economics 18 * - - - Equity Investments 72 * - - - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 - * - - Financial Statement Analysis 72 - * - - Fixed Income Investments 36 * - - - Portfolio Management 18 * - - - Quantitative Methods 18 * - - Performance band of your overall score among all candidates who failed the exam: 3

I am so sorry. I can’t possibly imagine what an additional headache this is. I have to agree, it seems clear that the am did paper not get scored. Maybe it was graded but they don’t know who to post the score to? Would a request for a manual catch that? I think you need to contact them asap and begin whatever process they suggest to find the paper and confirm it is yours. …worst case is the morning answer sheet is lost. But really, I can’t imagine they discard anything. …especially one they ran through the grader and then found that they have no idea who it belongs to. Maybe they are just waiting for your call? Edit: since the name, ss#, and seat number certainly match the pm… I can’t imagine them being cold enough to discard a whole answer sheet for failing to fill in a couple bubbles in the morning rush.

Thanks, am trying to contact them - I have requested a retabulation but they say that all that will tell me is whether the paper was missing or not There is no appeals process and it seems that the CFAs word is final ?!?

I feared that for the retab. I think a retab checks the answer sheets manually. So if there is only one sheet to check… I have no clue, but I have to think the grading process involves scanning all answer sheets and recording the scores electronically. Once all the data is scanned and into a database, I am confident that an IT professional could run a query on that DB and find all the AM sheets that were missing bubbled in candidate numbers in maybe 0.58s. At that stage, well, we print and bubble in our name, ss# and write our seat number on each sessions answer sheet. With that info it would seem very easy, ridiculously easy, to confirm who an answer sheet belongs to, even with no candidate number on it at all. I appreciate strict rules, but really this has to have a reasonable resolution.

It seems like if your name is on it, but the number is missing, it should go in a stack of answer forms requiring manual identification and they could just sift through it. Heck, they’ve had two and a half months to alphabetize that stack for quick recall! If there is any identifying info on your answer sheet, they have to have it somewhere. And, being the cynical type that I am, I can totally believe they would leave those no-number sheets ungraded and let people pay $100 for the effort of searching the stack and putting a grade on the answer sheet. It’s another revenue source for them.

Am in contact with the CFA. All I keep hearing is that the results are what they are and the CFAs word is final. Noone will even confirm that my morning paper is not included in the result I HATE THE CFA